Does your new home meet the Florida Energy Code?

You may not know this - but there is a reason you should hire me to inspect your brand new home you want to purchase during the inspection contingency period, also known as the final punch list or walk thru before you sign the contract to accept your new home as is.

The problem is contractors hiring the lowest bidder - and the way the subcontractors are the lowest bidder is they cut corners and do not meet the latest Florida Building Energy Codes. Building officials are signing off on certain construction phases of your house - but they do not have the time to check every little detail as close as they really should. Lately I have had the opportunity to look closer at four residences built in the last two years and they all had the same energy efficiency items either missing or not up to code. Each was built by a different contractor. Certified Home inspectors are not code inspectors - but as a licensed Architect in Florida I may talk about code issues.

Three of these four houses were not sealed anywhere at their ceiling penetrations. All four had attic insulation that was not the required minimum of R-38 everywhere. All four also had supply ducting that was not the required R value. Did you know that 50% of your light bulbs are required to be energy efficient? When I can see obvious shortcomings in not sealing, insulating, etc - this just makes me wonder about all the areas that are supposed to be insulated or sealed but are covered by drywall or siding.

this is attic insulation that is supposed to be 12.75" deep to equal r-38

this is attic insulation that is supposed to be 12.75" deep to equal r-38

Here is the internet address to the Florida Energy Code where all these code issues are mentioned:

If I was spending good money to buy a new home I would want the contractor to meet the Florida Energy code -period - even though it passed inspection by the local building official. You can hire me to inspect your new home to see if it meets the latest Florida Energy Codes. I can write up a report to give your builder before you sign the final papers and they hand you the keys.

If you are having a house built - you can also hire me to take the time necessary to make sure all the items that will be covered are sealed, insulated, or built the way they should be according to building code minimums before these items are covered up.