Concrete tile roofs last forever - but need maintenance.

Cracked Roof Tile

When inspecting a home with a concrete tile roof, it is recommended not to walk on the roof. Before I became a certified inspector myself I hired a Master Inspector to inspect the house I was wanting to purchase. He did not walk the concrete tile roof. The reason he told me was to avoid cracking the tiles. What this Master Inspector did to inspect my roof was use binoculars from the ground -he told me the roof did not have any problems. What I learned the hard way from my master inspector is that this is not the best way to inspect a roof. What I do at all my inspections when possible - I stay off the roof, but still inspect the roof on all accessible sides from a ladder leaned against the roof edges. The photo above, shot from my ladder, is of a cracked tile at one of my inspections - it is about an inch wide - this tile needs to be replaced or repaired. This crack was not visible from the ground with binoculars.

What I found on my own roof after the master inspector told me the roof was fine and I had bought the house were three tiles that needed work. Two had slid down and needed to be pushed back into place and I replaced another one that was broken in half just like the photo above. If the Master Inspector I paid to inspect my house had used his ladder instead of binoculars from the ground he would have seen these tiles that needed work.

This is just another reason why my inspections are better and you should use Inspections by Randall LLC for your next inspection.