During an inspection I like to take a look around with my thermal scanner to look for abnormal heat signatures. My thermal scan showed an area warmer - i.e. 85 degrees instead of the normal 75 at the rest of the ceiling during one of my latest inspections. When I went into the attic this was the photo I took of that warm spot from the top side - the warm spot is the white area in the center of the photo - a bare spot of gypsum board - there was no insulation at that spot! It was over 100 degrees in the attic at the time - so the air conditioner was effectively cooling the ceiling gypsum board down to the 85 degrees. The photo taken in the attic was in an area not to hard to get to, but there were a couple areas I could not physically get to in the attic that had the same heat signature, meaning they also do not have any insulation.