Trump or Clinton?

November elections are coming up real soon and the American public will be heading to the polls to make a choice on who to vote for. If you are buying or selling a home - one smart choice to make is to have an inspection. Call Inspections by Randall to take advantages of all the reasons an inspection is a wise investment.

1. When buying a home you are making a large investment and do not want to be stuck with unseen problems in that dream home. You looked at the home you a purchasing online and walked through it a few times. My inspections will look closer at your dream home from top to bottom and all in-between. I will take 3-4 hours to examine the site, roof, heating system, cooling system, duct-work, insulation, electrical system, plumbing system, appliances, doors ,windows and other items. Within a day of my visual inspection you will have your report in hand and be much better informed about your purchase then when you signed the contract. You will be very wise to have a my thorough report in hand. You can see sample reports at my website and realize they are not the checklist reports some inspectors will sell to those consumers that are only interested in the lowest price inspections. My report is custom made with descriptions and photos of your property. Armed with my report you will either have peace of mind about your purchase and will go forward with your purchase as is, or there will be some items found during the inspection that will have to be negotiated with the seller. Hopefully the seller is reasonable and will make the necessary repairs or will work with you on reducing the selling price to cover the cost of the repairs. Either way you are a smart consumer to have me produce your inspection report.

2. When selling a home you are wise to hire me to inspect the home you will be putting on the market. Time is of the essence when selling a home and the smoother the sale the better for all parties involved. Let me inspect your home to catch items in need of maintenance or repair to allow your home to show better and to receive a clean report if the purchaser orders an inspection report. Sometimes the buyer will even forgo the inspection report when they see that a Inspections by Randall a Certified Florida Inspector has written up a report and all items mentioned in the report have been attended to.

Either way be a wise consumer and make this great investment. The smart choice is having me inspect your home for your safety and peace of mind.