This is not a Ladder to Heaven!

I took this selfie so people would know what to look for if i never came back from another Attic adventure. The ladder behind me leads to this home's attic. Why am I dressed this way? Well starting at my shoes - I bought these covers originally to not track dirt and mud into the interiors of the properties I was inspecting. I start inspections around the exterior of the house and then after getting down from the roof it is time to inspect the interiors -  and this is usually when I put on the shoe covers. I found out that the covers also work great to keep the attic insulation off your shoes. The next protection I am wearing is my knee pads. Crawling over joists or truss web members on your knees can be painful if they are not protected. Then there is my dust mask - attics are dusty, and I usually stir up this dust doing attic inspections, along with fiberglass insulation. I can definitely tell the difference in my sinuses at the end of the day between not wearing the mask or wearing the mask in the attic. The cap - that is actually a fashionable hard hat - it helps to have protection on my head when ducking under rafters and walking under roof sheathing with the sharp end of nails sticking thru the sheathing. The head lamp - very much needed to see into the far corners of the attics.

What have I found up in attics i have inspected? First thing I find is that attics in Florida are very similar to a dry sauna. Then the item I usually will put in my report is missing or shoddy insulation. Found a squirrel once, and lots of scat (look it up) in other attics. Found a large brick chimney supported by wood framing - which is unsafe. Truss webs cut to make way for skylights - also unsafe and not recommended. Several home owner fixes or "improvements" that would not pass inspection if the work was done using a building permit.

So when you call me to inspect your property - I will be the one to give the best answer when someone asks you "What's in your attic?"