Missed by Storm Barry


We in Northwest Florida were fortunate enough to not have several inches of rain pound against our homes from the latest tropical storm/hurricane Barry. My question is what type of precautions do you take to keep your home from water damage? Today’s entry will just focus on one subject, and that is the grade or slope of a home’s yard. Water goes downhill so make sure your property slopes away from the walls of your home. Which brings up my neighbors yard - they thought all the site of their new house had good drainage until looking closer. The reason the ground around the home had, what seemed, good slope away from his walls was over the years the previous owner had kept piling extra soil against the exterior brick walls. Unfortunately this is not a way to grade your property. The photo above helps to understand why. See the gap in the mortar near the ground? This is the brick wall’s weep hole - this allows water that may get in the wall for various reasons, like sideways blowing tropical downpours, to drain out of the wall cavity. Make sure you can see these weep hole at the base of your brick walls. I always check for this this item on my Certified Home inspections.