I find broken things

Crawling under floors, making my way around attic spaces, looking under and behind places, seeing with thermal cameras, testing with specialized equipment. These are all part of a thorough inspection.

This gallery of photos are some of the areas in inspections that need to be looked at in further detail by electricians, contractors, plumbers, and any number of other specialists. Inspections are mainly visual and a start to finding out if the property is in need of some repairs or has some safety issues that need to be fixed. Inspections by Randall for your information and safety.



A box of chocolates

I never know what type of property will be next in my inspection. I have inspected double wides and multi million dollar properties. What makes them different is their location and finishes. What makes them similar is they all have electric wiring, plumbing, appliances, a roof to keep out the rain, and their heating and air conditioning systems.