Wind Mitigation                          4 point                              Pools                  


Wind Mitigation reports are important for new home owners, or existing home owners that have upgraded their homes to help resist the high winds and debris damage experienced during tropical storms and hurricanes. This report is given to your insurance agent to show them the features in or on your house that will help reduce your insurance premiums. These wind mitigation features have been proven over the years to reduce damage from Hurricanes and they can lower your insurance substantially.


Most insurance companies require a 4 point inspection before they can insure your older home. If your house is 25 years or older they will want a simple 4 point inspection to assess the condition and age of the 4 systems. My 4 point inspection will look a these 4 major items:                                         

1. The roof,                                                          

2. The plumbing                                                

3. The electrical                                                

4. The heating and air conditioning system.


Pools and Spas are very popular luxuries in homes along the Emerald Coast. They can be used for entertainment, exercise and great added atmosphere. Pools can also be dangerous if safety standards are not in place - my inspections will look at these safety issues and make recommendations for improved safety using the latest local bench marks. Your report will also include an inspection of the circulation pump, filter, heater, piping and other ancillary items.